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If you've ever met with our CEO Clarke you'll know she's a HUGE fan of analogies, and there's one that makes it feel like your looking through your old high school yearbook. When clients come to us asking about Social Media Strategies they often-times have never heard that each platform should have it's own strategic approach because of the way it interacts with their algorithms and users, as well as the mindset that has been established with these platforms. In this article we're going to dive into what each Social Media platform would be like if they were people and how to approach them from a high-level strategic approach.


You know that super Senior that has hung around for WAY too long but they know everything about everyone and know where all of the hottest parties and concerts are happening? Yeah, that's Facebook. Not in the sense of a burnout (like Reddit), they just love to be around, around people, places, things, businesses, showing you pictures of their dog and vacation, but always there.

The younger Freshman are sick of him, but know that they need to hang around him to make sure they stay in the loop.

He tries to reinvent himself all the time to keep people interested in him, but he's also easily bought. If you want him to talk about your business and what's going on there his hand is out faster than a Gross Sister!

Gross Sisters - Proud Family

Strategic Approach:

Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users as of 2019, this means it is a MUST when putting together your marketing plan and content strategy.

It's "Pay to Play" platform. Yes, it's free to post on Facebook, but if you're truly looking to grow your reach and audience you'll need to take a critical look at your target audience and build out ads and boosted content as well. Never hesitate to connect with Hustle MKTG as we're specialists in this field!


Everyone loves Instagram, am I right? The fastest growing social platform to date, Instagram is THE platform for visual content. She may be young but she doesn't let that hold her back! She's making new waves and dictating what looks good and what's popular.

Everyone wants to be her, be liked by her, go on trips with her, be apart of her friend group, and be her right hand! People expect a certain quality of content and she expects the same, but little do people know, getting her approval is HARD! Unlike her distant cousin Twitter, she doesn't hand out verification blue checks just to anyone.

A little known fact about her is she's actually Facebook's little sister. Yup, they have the same "parents." So, to impress her not only do you have to have beautiful content you have to pay her to share the good stuff with her clique.

Don't get it twisted, her in-feed content vs. stories vs. IG TV all have different content approaches.

Strategic Approach:

Instagram has a very young following, 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. (Statitsa, 2019) (Source: knowing this, you need to take a Millennial and Gen Z approach to content and see who they are following and why they may be following them.

There are multiple studies on what content types perform the best on Instagram, down to color, text/graphics on images, and people vs no people in photos. Take your time determining content and Hustle MKTG is here to help determine what look will work best for your brand and Instagram audience.


Oh, Twitter. What was once a booming platform for people to share their every thought every 15 second has turned into a dark, twisted, cynical individual. Kind of like the floater from high school that didn't belong to one friend group and was friends with everyone because they have all of the inside information on everyone.

He's not, not cool, but sometimes you're like dude... Are you okay? The class clown that somehow knows everything to do about politics and what's happening around the world all at the drop of a dime, he's on it! Maybe that's why he's become to cynical, he knows too much and therefor has been tainted by the world.

It's hard for him to make "new friends" (start new business accounts) as he has a pretty established friend base, but if you come with the right tone, and memes, he can make you go viral! But, his short attention span shouldn't surprise you, one day you're the talk of the town and the next day a new "Rise & Shine" Kyle Jenner video breaks the internet.

Strategic Approach:

As a lowkey super high maintenance platform they used to suggest posting 15-30 times a day to stay relevant on Twitter. That's not feasible if you're running a business and don't have a team dedicated to engaging with the platform.

When it comes to demographic 79% of Twitter's monthly average users are located outside of the U.S. (Hootsuite, 2018) (Source:, keep this in mind with your business, are you considering going international?

If your branding voice doesn't fit with Twitter the Hustle MKTG team doesn't suggest creating a new Twitter account. Meet with us to discuss if it's the right fit for your business.


Literally the guy who carried a briefcase to school, but not in a creepy way! You just knew he was going to wear a suit and tie every so often and you were oddly okay with it.

He's just all about business. Not a whole lot to get into here. He wants to talk about what's happening in your market, what new studies have come out, articles that can help you with your business, knowing who works for where and what they do. But, he's a big fan of hearing about your wins as well.

Always the guy who knows who's hiring and weirdly constantly reminding you that the guy from elementary school you haven't talked to in years has been working at his company for 6 years. Don't neglect him tho, he knows when you haven't updated things in a while!

Strategic Approach:

The biggest time we at Hustle MKTG have is, if you're a service based business or are looking to work Business to Business, buddy up with LinkedIn.

Make sure to engage on this platform, as the feed is comprised of interaction with content.

Keep this in mind when determining you content The average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes on the site per month. (Wordstream, 2018) (Source: That's not a very long time, meaning they check but you don't need to flood the feed like Twitter.


Remember that girl that was always drawing in class and was weirdly good at crafts? That's Pinterest! THE hub for blog content and visuals, she loves making mood boards and her outfits are always so aesthetically pleasing in a very boho way.

She always has the best DIY skin routines, outfit ideas, crafts you NEVER thought of truing, and recipes upon recipes of things you just have to try!

For a really long time she was only into girls but in 2019 guys really started to take notice of how amazing she is and now she is the amazing Queer Queen we love and know today! She's the girl who made her own prom dress and somehow her room is ALWAYS on point, and the best part is she always has links to where she bought everything! How selfless.

Strategic Approach:

A lot of people don't consider Pinterest when putting together their Social Media strategic plan, but this platform is fantastic when it comes to shopping for items and providing insight to your services through blogs, just like this one! (Did you find us on Pinterest? We would love to know!)

The nice thing about Pinterest is how low maintenance she is, once a month you could do a whole content dump and let the platform do the rest for you. But, visuals are extremely important as she lets the pictures and videos dot the talking.


You know that party girl that her parents think she's an angel? That's Snapchat. The things she posts and sends can be risqué but she also has a really but soft spot for staying connected with people through messaging and taking double chinned selfies in bed to respond to her best friend.

For whatever reason, she seems to think her life is like a reality TV show that everyone should watch.

You didn't hear it from me, but Snapchat and Instagram got in a fight a couple years ago because Instagram took her idea of posting short videos or pictures that would only last for 24 hours. So, Snapchat started making channels so the big brands would advertise with her to fund her expensive trips and party-girl lifestyle.

Strategic Approach:

The biggest note for Snapchat is understanding their demographic (as it is for all platforms but check this out) Snapchat reached 90% of all 13-24 year-olds and 75% of all 13-34-year-olds in the US. (Zephoria, 2019) (Source: It has a very young reach, and keeping up with the constant demand for content can be a handful. It takes a lot of preparation beforehand.


Good o'l YouTube. The girl you has the answers to everything! Want to watch makeup tutorials, product reviews, or watch someone else play a video game? YouTube is your girl.

She loves to make videos but unlike Snapchat she doesn't just cary a camera around all day giving you a glimpse into her life, her videos are very well produces, strategically put together and honey if you're looking for the latest music video she has it already pulled up on her phone. She is the godmother of video content.

Don't get her twisted, she loves to pay to play, too! Some of her videos can make upwards into the thousands of dollars for getting views!

Strategic Approach:

Fun Fact: YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google!

Creating videos is a good content approach but another extremely useful application for YouTube is paid advertisements. Target audiences based on content or key words to reach your target market.

Also, connecting with YouTubers and paying them to promote your content is a smart strategic approach.


The really annoying freshman that somehow is getting super popular really fast; probably because they're really good friends with Twitter.

Their content is killer and witty! They'll definitely be the kid who ends up as a director or director of photography on a movie because their editing skills are ridiculous!

This little guy is hungry to make a name for himself, sometimes taking things to extremes he's the new Vine, if you don't know what that is it's because you've only been on TikTok your whole life. He has a handful of friends that have mastered all of the different applications he provides but he's most well known for putting music over a well clipped video. The material can cover anything from makeup tutorials to comedy sketches, he's like a junior YouTube but can only be 60 seconds long.

Strategic Approach:

Sponsorship is a huge opportunity on this platform. With a young demographic of 1 in 8 adults ages 18-24 using this platform finding an influencer that knows how to operate the platform is key.

Creating a TikTok account can work in your favor if you want to produce 60 second process videos, but the content needs to speak to the young Millennial and Gen Z population.


Remember that kid you were nice to because they may or may not bring a gun to school? I know that's not PC but it's true! Reddit has some really dark corners you can end up crawling into.

Don't worry, he wont actually hurt anyone but he knows of people who did. But, don't get it twisted! He's also a great info resource for movie reviews, cat videos, product reviews, and pretty much anything you can think of! 99% of the content Twitter posts about comes from the mouth of this guy.

The son of chatrooms, this guy takes all of the chatrooms and puts them all in one place with multiple threads. Could he be the guy that hacked the schools website and put it on Craig's List? Yeah, it was definitely this guy. He knows his way around the internet and isn't worried about what things look like or if content is a certain way, so long as you know exactly who the content is meant for by commenting in the right threads.

Strategic Approach:

Reddit is the birth place of a ton of content and most of it spreads to other platforms if it hits the front page. But, researching and finding the right subreddit is going to take you a long way.

Just because you can post anything here doesn't mean you should. Every platform needs quality content.


The kid who always has his headphones on. Wether he's listening to music or podcasts he's an audio junky.

They know all of the latest music and many of the greats started by working with Soundcloud. He's always down to collab and he's super easy to work with. He's just a chill dude that loves to DJ parties, smoke a lot of weed and support peoples audio dreams!

Strategic Approach:

If you have ever considered a podcast as a medium for marketing you'll want to a Soundcloud account. As we have recently learned from our friends at CAN (Creative Audio Network) a podcast production company, you need an RSS feed so your audio file can be accessed by the likes of iTunes and Spotify.

You can also sponsor other podcasters or if you're an audio arts field you should definitely us any and all resources to publish you material. Our friends at CAN can help you with that, we're more in the business of marketing that material.


She may be a bit moody but we love her! Though she's been around longer than most other social media platforms she somehow only ever hangs out with freshmen and middle schoolers, not in a creepy way she just can relate to them better!

She's apart of the Instagram, Snapchat, VSCO friend group where she posts A LOT of images, but she also LOVES quotes, so long at they are graphically pleasing. But, unlike her friends, her and Reddit have a lot more in common. She likes to post long conversations, blog style, to talk about her feelings unlike her friends that focus on the visual aspect of it all. She also doesn't care so much about followership as her friend Instagram, she's all about making deep meaningful connections.

Strategic Approach:

Do a lot of research on wether this platform reaches your audience. Similarly to Twitter we wouldn't suggest starting a Tumblr unless you're certain you know how you'd like to reach your target market.


She's the freshman that Instagram can't stand; she's only friend with her because her photography and editing skills are top notch and she needs some sort of protegee, and VSCO is cute so she lets her tag along.

Somehow all of her photos look really artsy even tho she's super basic. She's the girl always taking weird angle photos of her plate at brunch so he's looks the most unique and "blog-esque" but she NEVER posts a caption and you can only share photos, no liking here.

She'll either be a model or photographer when she gets older but you're not really sure how she connects with people.

Strategic Approach:

VSCO is still in it's early stages of what kind of platform they want to grow to be. they are a 100% visual platform where talent is often discovered not really promoted. That being said Adweek has an article about how VSCO is going to start connecting brands with talent.

There are also promo opportunities with influencers on VSCO. Tho they can't write about your product they can still use it in photos and people can share it.

Remember, take each strategic approach with a grain of salt. These are very generalized statements about the individual platforms, and without Hustle MKTG being able to take an individualistic look at your brand and their audience, as well as content opportunities, these strategic approaches may not apply to you. So, if you're curious about what platforms will work best for your company send us an email and set up a complimentary consultation with Clarke, she would LOVE to meet with you.


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