if anyone cares

What a kick-ass platform for Women of Color to share their relationship experiences through storytelling. Since content was being churned out it was our job to create a Social Media Strategy that would develop further into a larger Marketing Strategy. Unfortunately this collective is no longer operational, but you're able to see the strategy that took place to develop the brand from a Social Media Standpoint.

Goals &


Gain Listeners

Increase Following

More Engagement on Posts

Social Media Strategy & Content Calendar

Findings For Strategy

Instagram - ONLY

Audience is 50/50 Male-Female

Primary following in Minneapolis & New York

Most followers we noticed were engaged in the evening from 7-11pm

Rule of 3rds

  1. New Episode

  2. Dope Creatives

  3. Cultural Trends

Rule of 5ths

  1. Orange & Blue

  2. Pics of Hosts


  4. Gifs

  5. Memes

Well Sh*T I need That!