There are 100+ marketing/advertising agencies in Minneapolis MN alone. But, could you tell us how many are designated to the success of  Black & Indigenous People of color (BIPOC) owned businesses? An agency that understand the obstacles it takes as a minority owned business and the nuances of the work twice as hard to get a quarter of what the other person has mentality. Well, that's exactly why Hustle MKTG was founded.

In 2017 Clarke Sanders & Kionna Sanneh recognized there was a lack of marketing support, in one of the largest marketing hub in the world (the Twin cities, believe it or not) for BIPOC owned businesses. so they started their own!

Hustle MKTG is for the creative, hungry, passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses owners that want to invest in their business. Your hustle becomes our hustle. Our hustlers consist of App developers, Modeling agencies, Podcasts, musicians, consultants, production companies, construction companies, hair stylists/salons, and on and on and on. Our hustlers are the experts in their industries and we're here to support with our kick-ass marketing team that kills in ours.

Clarke Sanders

Boss Lady

Former fortune 500 social media strategist and account executive for a small marketing firm in south west Minneapolis, Clarke knew her calling was to eventually start her own marketing company. with a degree in advertising with an emphasis in pr, marketing minor, and graphic design certificate she followed her gut and pursued her life-long dream of owning her own business. with her sass and boss bitch mentality in tow, Clarke follows her passion and drive with creating kick-ass content and dope strategies.

Some of Clarke's personal passions are dogs of any shape and size (as she is working to become a trainer), she's a crafting queen, and an avid wine-o. Say happy hour and she's there!